Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day 2011

A long weekend was ahead of us and decisions of what to do were upon us.

Well on Friday, we had to make a trip to College Station to pick up my new F-150 since Joel sold mine the week before when he drove it to work.   No problem since he works at Jasper Ford and I knew a new one would be delivered to my expectations. 

Labor Day has always been a strange weekend since Labor Day 2000, but that is in the past and now kind of a joke between me and Joel but we always make plans together so we will know where each other is on Labor Day.

We did decide to go to Katy Mills Mall to shop and then take in a Houston Astros ballgame.   Yes the Astros' lost but we had a great time.  Ended up with 4 Carlos Lee bobble heads.  Now what to do with them.

We stayed at the Inn at the Ballpark and have never been disappointed (not our first stay).  There are so many places to go and see but there is nothing like being able to make a quick trip on a long weekend, and btw, who can afford flight tickets.

Oh well, hope everyone has had a fun-filled Labor Day weekend.  

Have a blessed evening....UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN