Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday Celebration in San Antonio 07.01.2011 - 07.04.2011

On July 6th, our grandson, Elijah, celebrated his 6th birthday.   We decided to take him to the JW Marriott Hill Country (  so he could celebrate in style. 

We had the opportunity to leave on Friday the 1st and decided to drive thru and visit the Blue Bell Creamery (  I had been there in the past but neither Joel or Elijah had been there.    When we arrived there were so many people that we had an 1-1/2 hour wait but it was worth it.   Elijah wanted ice cream immediately so off we went to get a scoop of ice cream for $1.00.   What a deal.   The tour was absolutely wonderful and enjoyed by all of us.  Then comes the free scoop of ice cream you get at the end of the tour.   We were all fasinated by the tour and recommend it for a quick day trip. 
MeMe and Elijah in Brenham, TX
Now driving to San Marcos where we thought we could drive in and get a room didn't turn out like I had planned.  The rooms were very expensive and then I called my favorite hotel chain, Marriott, to see if they had availability on the Riverwalk.   And to my surprise, they did at the Riverwalk Marriot.   Since I'm a "Gold Member" they upgraded our room and we had an awesome room with the deck overlooking the Riverwalk.  

Wonderful food, view, pool and family time.  I really didn't think that Elijah was understanding all the history that we took him to and talked about.    He seemed very interested in the Alamo and enjoyed the tour and the games they had for the children. 

Well after a day in the historic RiverWalk, we headed out for the reason we even went to San Antonio.  We spent the next two days in the River Bluff at the Hill Country Marriott.  They had the weekend full of fun for the children.  A magic show, animal show, dinosaur story time and too much more to mention.  

So to say the least his 6th birthday was much more than what I remember as a six-year-old girl.   How times have changed.   But then again, Joel and I got the weekend away and enjoyed every minute we got to spend with "little man".  As we were leaving we said "we'll have to come back here."  About 20 miles out of town, Elijah said "so will you pick me up Saturday" and we asked what he meant.  He said "you told me we would have to come back."  He was already to return before we got out of the city limits.  LOL

Have a blessed evening.....UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.