Monday, November 25, 2013

More Blogging Adventures

Well since I've been away, I've enjoyed reading a lot of blogs and making new friends.  I've still got so much to learn about blogging and more than anything, I need MORE TIME!  

I've recently learned that I've got less than 5 years until I'm eligible to retire so hopefully I will have this down pat and be able to jump in and have some giveaways of my own.

I never really thought that people won things from these blogs but boy was I wrong.   Following are a few of the recent items that I've won and I'm giving credit to the bloggers that hosted the giveaways.
I won a $50 gift certificate to    Following are the items that I chose with my GC. These are hand warmer hot beverage cups.
I won two cute swagger tags.
Oh yes I'm enjoying my one gallon of virgin coconut oil from Tropical Traditions.
A $50.00 gift certificate to passionately rivalicious which I got to use for my niece, Halle Camille Chalker, since she is a Baylor Bear,   I'm surprising Camille and my sister, Amy Chalker with one of these beautiful scarves.  Sic 'em Bears  As of this writing, Baylor is 9-1 with their football team.
Easy as Pie Cookbook.   The newest trend in baking.   LOVE LOVE LOVE IT
Since I'm known as a collector of cook books, another addition....The New Southwest Cookbook.
Trixi Treasures Snack mix.....These look so yummy and I got two bags of each, Spicy, Original and Mild.
A two pack of Icential Coolwraps.   A nifty and "cool" way to keep things cool while traveling or keep anything chilled while at home.

The best way that I have found to keep up with the giveaway opportunities is thru
Check it out.

Until we meet again, May God Bless our great country.