Sunday, July 7, 2013


I started reading blogs a few years ago and that encouraged me to start writing my own.  I did this off and on but just got so wrapped up in reading others that I let my own blog slip away.  Well, I've started again and hopefully I can get a post in about once a week since I hold down a full time job.
I've started noticing that a lot of bloggers were having giveaways so I immediately jumped on that wagon and started completing the rafflecopter entries.   To my surprise I started winning some things and now I'm addicted even more.   So with laptop in lap, I proceed to reading those blogs.   I will share some of my favorite blogs on my blog at so go check that out.

Now to gloat a bit, following are some of the items that I have won of recent days:

Albion Fit workout top

OOFOS flip flops

Kiddie Carbon Monoxide Alarm

$75.00 Target gift card - Heather's French Press
Joel has already told me if I keep this winning up, that I will have to quit my job and blog all day.  So guess what I'm doing, looking forward to early retirement.

So hopefully as I leave you today, you can find some good blog reading and hopefully be as blessed as I have been of late.

May God continue to bless you and our great country.