Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day 2013 / Caddo Lake State Park

As Father's Day approached, I took the time to reminisce about my awesome Dad.  He was the best father a girl could want.  He truly was my "first love".   I loved him with all my heart and he was my "hero".  I loved the times we spent together, especially on Lake Sam Rayburn doing a little white perch fishing.   When he left this ole world, my life was changed forever.  I'm just so thankful for the wonderful memories that I have and pray that each and everyone of you have that special relationship with your Dad.   

My father, Jimmy Dean
12-13-1937 / 09-24-2009

Since our children were not able to spend time with their father, Joel Spurlock, I decided to take him on a weekend getaway to celebrate Father's Day and his 51st Birthday.  Not knowing where we could go for a one night stay, I still had "fishing" on my mind from thinking about my Dad so I decided our road trip should take us North to Caddo Lake State Park.  I checked the website and found out they rented their cabins for a two night minimum.  Oh well, we wanted to fish from the pier anyway so we paid for our day pass to fish and entered the park.  As we passed the cabins, Joel said we were going back just to see if they had a vacancy for one night.   Me being the pessimist that I am, I knew it was a waste of time, but we turned that Ford Escape around and headed back to the check in station.   I timidly asked if they had a cabin available and to my surprise the "Owen's" did not show up for the first night stay so the park allowed us to rent the cabin for one night.  Thanks Owen's Family!!!   YIKES was I ever shocked.  Now we had to make a quick trip back to Marshall to get all the items we needed for our stay.   


If you are ever in the area, Caddo Lake State Park should be on your agenda for a very relaxing stay.  One thing that I learned was that if you are in a State Park, you can fish from the banks without a fishing license.  Only if you get into a canoe or a boat would it be required for you to get a fishing license.  Even though the Game Warden's were patrolling the area, we were safe but not everyone was so lucky.   A lot of adult beverages were being poured into the river.  LOL  Made me think of a joke about the song "Shall we gather at the river"
Game Warden patrolling the river

So Joel and I unpacked our items and settled in for a short weekend stay in our very rustic cabin.  This cabin did not have a TV and I thought, what are we going to do, but after that stay I realized how wonderful life is and how wonderful conversation can be without so many distractions.   Just had the opportunity to enjoy God's beautiful creation and nature.  This cabin had two bedrooms and one bath along with a dining and living room combination and a unique kitchen with a two gas burner stove.   In the winter time, we want to go back and get good use out of the two gas fireplaces.  Outside we grilled and spent time on the welcoming porch with it's adirondack chairs and enjoyed reading from our Kindle's and just listening to the wildlife.                                        

Joel at our rustic cabin

As I sit here and type, the TV is blaring and I wish I was back at Cabin 5 on Caddo Lake State Park where you get to enjoy "peace and quiet".   I will return, SOON.  

While driving around and enjoying the scenery, the picture below shows the unique landscaping of the area.  I love moss so much and just wished I could bring it all back home to Southeast Texas.  Just close to this home we got to enjoy a garage sale and conversation with the homeowner and visited a flea market.  So much fun even in the heat.  

Moss covered fence close to a garage sale

I've always heard of Uncertain, Texas but didn't realize that I would actually get to visit.   Some days in my life I feel as though I live in Uncertain a lot.   Well the one sign that brought a chuckle to us both was the "Church of Uncertain".  Growing up a preacher's kid (pk), I felt like a lot of churches that my Dad pastored were churches of uncertainty, especially at business meeting.  LOL

Church of Uncertain

We did get to take a Steamboat Tour of Caddo Lake called "Graceful Ghost".  The boat captain provided so much information about the Lake, pros and cons.  There were parts of the lake that were in the movie "The Color Purple".   So beautiful but unfortunately due to a massive growing giant salvinia, the boat tours are moving to the River located at Big Pines Lodge.  You'll get the history of Lake Caddo but from the river views.

Sights from the Paddle Boat Tour

So now Joel and I have decided that we want to visit all Texas State Parks.  One down and many more to go but I have my State Park guide with me so off we go.   You can also visit and get great information about all parks so you can start planning your next weekend getaway.

So I leave you today with memories of the past and memories of the future to come.  

Toes to Toes we will keep you updated on more exciting travels.

Until next time, may God bless you in your travels and bless our great country.