Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm back!

Hello friends and neighbors from the blogging world.

Sorry I've not posted lately, but my life has been a little of a whirlwind.  I've not stopped blogging but took a temporary leave to work on relationships and life.

First let me start by saying that I am so blessed to have been married to my husband, Joel, for 11 years on May 26, 2012.    In those 11 years, there have been ups and downs, good and bad, but overall a wonderful ride.     I never dreamed that our lives could be as wonderful as they are right now at this moment. 

Last year when you read my blog, I was reuniting with one of my nephews and his family after not seeing each other for almost 24 years.  We've met a couple times and kept in contact on a regular basis.  I've not been able to meet his brother in person but thanks to facebook and cell phones (texting), we've been in contact and do plan on meeting up in 2012.  We love those Rangers so a game would be a great place to reunite as long as they aren't playing the NY Yankees....LOL. 

After other circumstances in our lives, too include lies and jealousy, I've been able to re-connect with two of my nieces that live in Jasper.   Even though we haven't communicated in several years, it did not take long for that bond to be developed and relationships are blooming like wildflowers.  Nicole is 34 years of age and married to a wonderful guy, Troy Carpenter.  They have two children, Grayson 7 years old and Alivia 2 years old, and they are absolutely adorable.  Nicole's sister, Kayla, who will be 24 on June 6th, is a breath of fresh air to be around.   She is one precious niece and I can't imagine life without  her.   She makes me realize that life is simple and to embrace it and trust God with the rest.  Grayson and Alivia love Kayla and I don't blame them. 

Now for the next upcoming reunions, I have contacted my baby sister, Amy, and we will be reunited on June 1st and 2nd at the Canton Trade Days along with her husband, Eldon and their daughter and my third niece, Camille.   Nicole, Kayla, Alivia and I will be traveling up their for a sister/cousins/girls weekend.  We are so excited.

The next reunion will be for two sisters, all nephews and nieces along with their families to get together for an annual get-to-gether.  

I just thank God for second chances to let us be family and make great memories.  

The one thing that makes me kinda sad is that my father, Jimmy Dean, missed out on many opportunities to be the grandfather to some of the most adorable children on the face of this earth.   He was and would have been very proud of every one of you.    He was a wonderful father!

For those of my family who choose to not want to be a part of this great reunion, I'm very sad for you, because you don't know what you are missing.   Jealousy is a terrible thing and know that if by chance you get to read my blog, or some of your friends tell you about it, we are all praying that God will help you with this terrible illness and that is what jealousy is.........AN ILLNESS.

But to end on a very positive note, just get ready for pics and memories on this blog, because Sweet Adventures are being made.