Tuesday, July 19, 2011

S'mores Happiness

After a long day at work which involved County Court, I arrived home to my windows rattling.  The neighbor's kid was rocking to music so LOUD it became a nuisance.  After a phone call to security, which I didn't see them drive by and before their Mom came home, the music subsided.   Not before I vented on Facebook about my disgust and quoting from the resort manual.  I knew that manual would be good for something one day.  

So I decided to make a treat for myself for the long day at work and the troublesome neighbor.  What better treat than a S'mores.
Nabisco came out with the Limited Edition Honey Maid "Squares" and Kraft came out with the "Jet-Puffed StackerMallows" and of course HERSHEY's didn't need to change a thing.

So I followed the instructions very well from www.hersheykitchens.com to have a treat that took my mind off of everything.

The end result was wonderful and it doesn't take much time or patience, which of course I didn't have much of either by this time.  The only problem was it was 8:50 PM and I should not have indulged this late.  Oh well, maybe I'll do better tomorrow.

I do want to share this very simple recipe with you just in case you ever feel like I did this afternoon.

4 graham crackers, broken into halves (or buy the new Limited Edition - perfect sized)
2 HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bars (1.55 oz) don't need a half, maybe a fourth
4 marshmallows (or 2 of the new StackerMallows)

Whatever you choose to use, you will not be disappointed.

Indoors:  Place graham cracker half on paper towel; top with chocolate bar half and marshmallow.  Microwave at MEDIUM in 10 second intervals until marshmallow puffs.  Immediately top with remaining graham cracker half; gently press together. 

Outdoors:  Place chocolate bar half on graham cracker half.  Toast marshmallow over grill or campfire (as long as there is NO BURN BANPlace toasted marshmallow over chocolate.  Top with second graham cracker half; gently press together


Have a wonderful evening!