Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday School Meeting

FBC-Warren Faith Sunday School Class Meeting

Gisela Wolcott

A special thanks to Gisela Wolcott for opening up her home for us to have a great fellowship. 

We all brought our favorite salads and of course, mine had to include chocolate......Snickers Salad.    Sorry to say, a picture wasn't taken prior to the salad being consumed.   Maybe next time....and there will be a next time.  It was awesome.

 I also surprised the class members with my Chocolate Sheet Cake, 

Chocolate Sheet Cake

and Sour Cream Banana Nut Bread, 
compliments of the San Antonio Junior Forum Cookbook.  

Sour Cream Banana Nut Bread

Our special guest speaker was a member of our church, Kristy Wolcott.  She spoke on God's love and how the Lord uses each of us in a different way to minister to people of different cultures and backgrounds.  Kristy and Billy's daughter, Brooke,  has CF and the Lord has used them on numerous occasions at Texas Children's Hospital when Brooke has been hospitalized to minister to others in the hospital.  

We don't have to look very far to see someone in need of inspiring words or sometimes just a smile.  Her devotion has encouraged me to look for more opportunities to share the love of our Lord.

Please remember to pray for those affected with CF and their families.